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1. If you can, book your entertainer first, then book your hall/venue.





2. Choose a party that is appropiate for the age of the children attending.

   We are happy to advise and help you make up your mind which party is for best for you.




3. Consider Party Timings.  

   Try to plan your party around meal times so the children are hungry

    when the party food is produced.


   Suggested party times are


   Lunch time party  




  Teatime party






4. Party food......keep it simple!  

(stuck for time to prepare food??  Get pizzas delivered or chips from the local chippy!)




5. Balloons and Decorations

   Balloons are great but also a big distraction, use them for decoration and tie them up around         the room  rather than putting them on the floor.


  If you have chosen a themed party it is a nice idea to decorate the hall in keeping with your

   theme and encourage the children to come dressed up too.




Kelly and Debbie's  Top 5 Tips

For a Successful Stress Free Party.

Children's Parties